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Global Truss At Phoenix Cup 22K Tournament
dartoo Hits A Bullseye With Trussing From Global Truss America At Phoenix
 Cup 22K Tournament

LOS ANGELES - (For Immediate Release) - The huge crowds that turned out for
 the Phoenix Cup 22K Tournament came to the event with darts on their mind,
 but they also couldn't help but be impressed with the sleek displays around
 their electronic dartboards. This was a tribute to the inspired design work
 by the dartoo creative team, using products from Global Truss America.

The spectacular Phoenix Cup display represented the third time dartoo has
 used GTA products for its widely acclaimed tournament. (A fourth event with
 GTA is already planned.)

"Thanks should also be extended to Truss Genius, our Global Truss America
 dealer in Rancho Cucamonga, CA," said Danny Cabrera, Operations Manager for
 Global Truss America. "Truss Genius provided dartoo with the quality
 service that matches the standards of our products - extending the knowledge
 and courtesy that's come to be expected by our customers."

Not only did the event setup include Global Truss America box trussing for
 the 21'x16' booth area, dartoo also expanded the design from previous shows,
 using truss products to create six new white boards used to display
 contestant match information. The 4' x 6' boards were attached inside a
 larger, booth-like truss structure with clamps to allow the displays to

dartoo found GTA's trussing to be a great solution for their company needs -
 clean and efficient. They plan to expand the setup even further for their
 next convention, the Phoenix Cup 100K Tournament at the Tuscany Suites &
 Casino in Las Vegas, NV, October 17 - 20. Their main event of the year will
 also include Global Truss America's trussing for the stage design.

"As a company, we're always eager to hear about innovative designs built
 with our products," said Ken Kahn, President of Global Truss America. "Even
 more so, we take pride in companies like dartoo that not only continue to
 use our materials, but expand on their setup - demonstrating the reliability
 of our products and trust in our company."

dartoo is the manufacturer of state-of-the-art electronic dartboards called
 VSPHOENIXR that allow users to compete online by using an ID card system.
 Game scores are scanned onto ID cards and results posted online in the
 Phoenix Official League. dartoo also holds live Phoenix Cup tournaments
 every year where qualified contestants can compete for cash prizes.

With a creative design team like the one from dartoo, even standard aluminum
 trussing toes the line with limitless potential for visionary displays.

For more information on dartoo, visit www.dartoo.com
 To learn more about Truss Genius, visit www.trussgenius.com
 For more information, contact Global Truss America at 323-415-6225 or visit

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